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“THERE ARE NO NOBEL Prizes for parenting or education, but there should be. They are the two most important things we do in our society. How we raise and educate our children determines not only the people they become but the society we create.” -Esther Wojcicki

In 2019 we had a dream for our future generations.  We called it Students Preserving American Racing Knowledge or SPARK for short.

SPARK wants to have a hand in the society we create.

We wanted to help shape education on many levels, bring back trades, and preserve American motorsport racing history. 

We ignited SPARK and it began to take off.

Unfortunately, so did a pandemic.

After taking time to scale and reorganize we are back! We believe so strongly in our mission that SPARK is going full charge ahead. 

We help young people (whether they’re already interested in racing or not) find mentorship programs in all facets of motorsports.

When students engage they are proven to have boosted success!

Schools are happily involved because it gives their kids the opportunity to get great, uplifting experiences.

Companies like it because there’s a long-term shortage of motivated young people coming into motorsports careers — there are more jobs than candidates

The racers we interview like it because they like the idea that their stories, their histories will be preserved.

The potential of the program to help kids all across the country on their path to fulfilling lives and careers, whether that is in motorsports or elsewhere, is the biggest — and most important — prospective of all.

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