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Are you or company a good fit?

You can make the difference.

We want to give SPARK students every advantage at success.

Mentors and internships are invaluable to SPARK students and we would be honored to discuss the opportunity to do either with you.



Research has found students who have a mentor while they are in college are much more likely to be successful in their future careers. They are 6 times more likely to get a job offer at graduation than students who don't have mentors, and twice as likely to be working full time by graduation than those without. One study found that those with mentors were making more annually than those who did not.


One study also showed that completing an internship could increase chances of landing a job by 39%. Internships provide students with incredible opportunities to network with individuals that can further their career goals and hands-on experience. Employers want to hire students who have been able to complete an internship because they have proven their skills and work ethic. Students that participate in an internship gain skills to help them build a successful career.

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