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Introducing Atasha

Hi everyone and welcome to the SPARK blog! My name is Atasha and I am a SPARK student who joined this amazing program early last year! I am extremely passionate about all things Motorsports and am working to become a motorsports trackside engineer (specifically in Formula 1)! I was born in the heart of the Philippines but have been living in Delaware for about 11 years. I am currently a junior in high school and plan to pursue my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in the States–with an abroad year or semester–and then obtain my master's degree in motorsports engineering in the UK.

Through this program, I’ve collaborated with multiple race engineers and built connections with numerous individuals in the motorsports industry. With the SPARK blog, I aim to document my experiences as a SPARK student and provide guidance to help you succeed and make the most of your SPARK journey. From my application process to my interviews with motorsport legends, I’m here to tell you about it all! I’m so excited to share my thoughts and stories and hope to help you all navigate your way through the SPARK program and find your passion in motorsports!

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