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Internship Opportunities

List of companies or organizations that offer Internships to High School and/or College students interested in pursuing fields in Motorsports Industries.

NASCAR Diversity Internship Program

Description: Aimed at providing students from diverse backgrounds with professional experience in the motorsports industry.

Duration: 10 weeks

Requirements: High school students (typically juniors or seniors) and college students.

Fields: Various fields including engineering, marketing, public relations, and more.

Website: NASCAR Diversity Internship Program


Hendrick Motorsports High School Internship Program

Description: Offers high school students the chance to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of motorsports.


Requirements: Must be a high school student in good standing.

Fields: Engineering, mechanics, and administration.

Website: Hendrick Motorsports


Penske Racing Internships

Description: Penske Racing offers various internships, including opportunities for high school students to work in a professional racing environment.


Requirements: High school and college students.

Fields: Engineering, mechanics, marketing, and more.

Website: Penske Racing


Toyota Racing Development (TRD) Internship Program

Description: Provides high school students with exposure to various aspects of racing and automotive engineering.


Requirements: High school juniors and seniors with a strong interest in automotive technology.

Fields: Engineering, mechanics, and data analysis.

Website: Toyota Racing Development


Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) High School Internship Program

Description: Offers hands-on learning experiences in various departments of Joe Gibbs Racing.


Requirements: High school students interested in motorsports.

Fields: Engineering, mechanics, marketing, and operations.

Website: Joe Gibbs Racing

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